Serkan Uyar

Born in 1980 in Konya, the sacred town of the whirling dervishes, Serkan Uyar is noticed when a young child for the unique quality of his voice. He discovers during his youth the musical practice through the learning of the "blaglama" , emblematic instrument of the turkish tradition. He will then practice guitar, drums such as "davul" , bu also "kaval" and "zuma" that is a traditional wind instrument. His multi-instrument player skills and the gift of his exceptional voice will bring him to embrace a musical career. He will pursue his musical studies in the famous music school of Bakou, in Azerbaidjan.

Today, Serkan lives in France, Normandy. A match with the ethnomusicologist Jean-Claude Lemenuel , director of FAR in Caen, has allowed him to settle in the landscape of the world musics, and to become a "must see" artist for the turkish tradition in France. Serkan performs on scene as soloist, but also accompanied by two professionnal musicians Arlsan Akyol, Kabak Kemane player, and Erdoğan Artan, playing drums, oud and keyboard.

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